Sakia Wallet

A wallet for Duniter software


Duniter is an implementation of a Basic Income through cryptocurrencies. We call moneys issued by Duniter networks Free moneys. They respect the four economic freedoms as defined in the Relative Theory of Money :

  • Freedom of democratic modification
  • Freedom to access to resources
  • Freedom of value production
  • Freedom of exchange “in the money”

To a free economy


Participate to the community by signing people you trust their identity.
You can visualize the Web of Trust and browse throught identities knew from the network. At any time, you can ask for leaving or joining a new community.

Suddenly, web of trust technology has never been so simple !


Issue your money just by being a unique and alive individual. At a defined frequency depending of the community rules, every members of the community can create their dividends. With Sakia, you can view the dividends you created, and spend them !

You have the right to create money, fairly with every other people.


Send and receive paiment from people. Just share your public key, and every body can pay you money they owe you.
They can even find you in the web of trust or in the identities of the network if they have your name but not your pubkey and send you some money !

Crypto currency paiements, just simple.


Sakia implements multiple ways to see the money. You can view it relatively to the dividends to see a constant value. You can view as a quantity of money. But there are multiple ways to see it, like in a mutual credit referentials and more !


Duniter is a P2P software, and Sakia can connect to the Duniter network. With Sakia, discover the network, check the state of the nodes. You can view the network almost in real time !

Transparency and Peer to Peer is the way to go

Try me !

You can download Sakia on Github

Join us on Duniter forums and download latest Sakia version to try out our beta currency !

About Sakia Wallet

Sakia Wallet is a free software under GPLv3 licence.

It is developped using Python 3, PyQt5, and asyncio thanks to quamash.

You can download Sakia release here.

Please feel free to contribute on Github !

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